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b. 1990, Minneapolis, MN
Lives and works in Minneapolis, MN


+1 347 691 0031

For inquiries regarding Collaboration, Exhibition, or Acquisition please reach out.

Taylor Selsback is a Documentary Photographer. He received his BA in linguistics from the University of Iceland in 2013. His creative practice has centered around themes of personal experience, identity, social justice and language representation. Through Narrative  Photography & Portraiture he intends to create images that reveal an intimacy to the viewer, foster critical dialogue about a subject matter, honor the movements and individuals with whom he collaborates and pushes the boundries of how images communicate. He is currently exploring how linguistic theory can be used to analyze analgous structual components of language and visual language to edit, sequence, and present images. His practice involves both digital and analog processes. Taylor also co-produces photography workshops with  La Luz Workshops and is an associate producer on the PhotoWork Podcast.

Recent Exhibtions:

2022     Documenting a Reckoning: The Murder of George Floyd, Mill City Museum, Minneapolis, MN

2021     Documenting a Reckoning: The Murder of George Floyd, Elmer J. Anderson Library, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN

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