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    Buses do not stop here
    Of which I know...
    East Sumatra        
    Hay un vacío 


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Hay un vacío (There’s a void) explores my personal relationship with  isolation, solitude, and mortality on a trip through South America & Mexico in 2016-2017. Drawn to the outer edges of towns and the inner private spaces of the home, I found the questions I had about my own existence reflected in the subtle solitary actions of individuals and the impressions they made on the landscape.

Hay Un Vacío is a series of 10 images. Each image is produced in an edition of 15 + 3 AP for a total edition of 18.

There are two print sizes available: 8.5”x 11”( Image Size 5.5” x 8.5” ) (6), 13”x 19” ( Image Size 11” x 17” ) (9), plus 3 artist proofs.

Images in the Hay Un Vacío series are printed on archival Hahnemühle Photo Rag Baryta paper with archival pigment ink.

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